LeViv Creations

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A collection of paintings and handmade goods inspired by kids, collaboration and play!


To view our selection of prints and handmade goods, please visit our LeViv Store.  To purchase large scale prints on a variety of substrates, visit my print on demand site.  To purchase paintings, please contact darcy@darcyleeart.com.

This collection began once I decided to embrace that my young children, Levi (at age 3) and Vivian (at age 1), desperately wanted to be involved with my art making.  One day, Levi and I were splashing paint around on a canvas and he suggested I make the painting into an elephant.  So, I did, and I was really pleased with the result!  We haven’t been able to stop collaborating since!

Along the way, we’ve embarked on more collaboration.  My mom has joined in by creating baby and children’s blankets that make delightful pairings with our creations.  A few drawings have been recreated as screen prints on baby body suits and tote bags, with printing by AHA! Creative.  I’ve even created a book, When Colors Meet  (ideal for little artists to add into) that teaches about color mixing in a playful and rhythmic manner.

Before long, it became clear that this growing body of work needed an identity.  Naturally, naming it after my inspiration and mini-collaborators, Levi and Viv, seemed a perfect solution.  In a nutshell, that’s how we started this ever-evolving project.  It’s been a joyful, inspiring process of creating through art play, and it is in that spirit that we hope share a little happiness with you!