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To view these prints and more, you may visit our LeViv Creations store here.  To hear our story, read on!…

I love to create!  I especially enjoy working on large, time and space consuming paintings and pouring translucent layers of paint until imagery emerges.  However, my kids ALWAYS want to join in on the fun…not watch, or paint next to me, but join right in on my canvas.  These poured paintings don’t do well with extra spontaneous brushwork, so I decided that I needed to change my approach a bit.

We started painting together (me, my one-year old daughter, and my three-year old son) with the intention of completing each piece!  And I love it!  It’s teaching me about spontaneity and playfulness and working with a mess!  My son often selects the subject matter after we’ve created a color-filled, texture-rich, paint-covered canvas together.  I typically paint the chosen subject while the kiddos are away or fast asleep.  The whole process is unpredictable and exciting!

One day, after hanging one of my paintings up in my daughter’s nursery, I noticed something magical. The pairing of my painting next to a colorful print on a handmade blanket made my design-loving heart sing with delight.  I knew I had to talk to my mom (a skilled sewer) about creating some blankets with unique prints that could be mixed and matched and paired with paintings.  She even recreated some of my paintings as cut fabric quilts.  We started building quite a collection, and realized this project needed a name. And so LeViv Creations was born, named after my little collaborators, Levi and Vivian.

While we were at work painting and sewing and thinking about LeViv Creations, a screen-printing collaboration was underway with Ali at AHA! Creative.   She helped us create some baby tees, body suits, and totes to add more variety to our collection.

As all of this was unfolding in the spring of 2017, I was in search of a color-mixing book for Levi.  I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for, so I created “When Colors Meet.”  I realized that this book is a great tool to introduce little ones to color and inspire art play, so I decided to self-publish under LeViv Creations since it fit so well with all that this collection embodies.  This book can be purchased directly in our shop or through CreateSpace or Amazon.

In a nutshell, that’s how and why LeViv Creations started.  We create art inspired by kids!  Paintings and pair-able blankets are our focus because they bring us such joy to create and they can truly bring a space to life! However, we also offer limited edition items and artistic creations as they come to us. Our whole story was inspired by art play, so it is in that spirit, we create and share our imaginings with you!

To view the LeViv Creations store, click here.