About My Work

I create art in order to feel like my authentic self.   For me, the process is meditative, renewing, and spiritual. I enjoy allowing a painting to be created organically by pouring translucent layers of paint until a concept emerges. I try to remove my logical mind during the creative process so that I’m not forcing or interfering what is occurring. The imagery that comes forth is further developed in ways that support what I perceive as the concept.

While my inspirations are many, people are near the top of the list. Faces and the stories they tell both captivate and ignite a spark within me. If I see a face that I find compelling, I often ask the individual if they are willing to be the subject of a painting.

Ongoing themes in my work tend to explore the ideas of connection, presence, and the ethereal world. An infatuation with color and fluidity can be seen in nearly all that I create.


About the Artist

Darcy Lee Saxton has been making art and playing the role of teacher since as far back as she can remember. She eventually decided to merge the two passions and become formally trained as an art educator. To do so, she attended Eastern Washington University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education in 2005, and eventually her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

After spending a year teaching high school art, she moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked and showed alongside several artists in an artist collective.  This is where she feels she truly gained her arts education.   Her largest commission while there included a series of four murals for the salon, Magnum Opus in 2009. In 2010, Darcy made her way back to Spokane and since then has enjoyed collaboratively painting with local artists including Mel McCuddin for “Generational Tryptics” at the Museum of Art and Culture, and with Tiffany Patterson for benefits at the MAC and a mural at Nyne Bar & Bistro.  Her most recent publicly visible commission was a painting for Global Credit Union’s re-branding.

Darcy currently teaches art at Shadle Park High School and spends as much time as possible creating. Her work is available at the Museum of Arts and Culture store, and through the MAC’s Art at Work program.