About My Work

I create art in order to feel like my authentic self.   For me, the process is meditative, renewing, and spiritual.  That said, I also love creating out of  play and fun!  I’ll explain both…

I enjoy allowing a painting to be created organically by pouring translucent layers of paint until a concept emerges. I try to remove my logical mind during the creative process so that I’m not forcing or interfering what is occurring. The imagery that comes forth is further developed in ways that support what I perceive as the concept.  Ongoing themes in this body of work tend to explore the ideas of connection, presence, and the ethereal world.  An infatuation with color, line, and fluidity can be seen in nearly all that I create.  I am also drawn to recreating faces and telling their stories.

On another note, creating is all about being playful and having fun!  This has definitely been the driving force of our LeViv Creations line of work.  Working with my kids has taught me to loosen up, work with whatever, and just play more.  It’s been fun to pair my love of line and color with a spontaneous child-like vibe.  Drawing loose, continuous line drawings from observation is among one of my favorite pastimes!


About the Artist

Darcy Lee Saxton has been creating art as long as she can remember.  Living a creative life is a priority for her, so she likes to follow where ideas and inspiration lead her.  With a background in teaching art, she loves to inspire and teach through sharing her story and passion for creating.

Darcy currently creates alongside her own young children, and on her own as much as she possibly can.  Her work is available in her online stores: and, as well as through the MAC’s Art at Work program.  Follow her on Facebook or Instagram with @darcyleeart and @levivcreations